Course curriculum

  • 1

    Corporate Toolbox Webinars

    • First Week Webinar - Sunday Sept 13 5PM

    • First Week Webinar - Recording

  • 2

    Starting your First Business - Lessons Learned

    • Playing the Game that the 1% Plays get Rich Reducing Taxes and Using the Right Debt

    • Starting Your First Business - Point so consideration and Homework

    • The Core Beliefs of Starting Your First Business - Serve your Fellow Man

    • Creating your Corporate Agenda - Planning out your Companies- Intention is Everything

    • A Vision for the Future - Where you are now is not the Final Destination

  • 3

    Launching Your Holding Company - Execution and Management

    • Prepping for the Holding Company

    • Writing your Articles of Organization

    • Creating your First Operating Company and Connecting it to the Holding Company

    • Prepping your Holding Company for Business Credit

    • Wells Fargo Secured Business Credit Card

  • 4

    The Corporate Tool Box - First Steps

    • Creating a Brand - The Vision and the Blue Print

  • 5

    I will teach you how to make MONEY

    • The First Lesson I will teach you to make MONEY

    • I Will TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY 004- Tamara M Spiritual Advisor

    • I Will TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY 005- Waterless Carwash, I Lost 45 Pounds and High End Marketing


    • I Will TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY 007 Do I have a job?

    • I Will TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY 008 - How to sell Physical Products

    • I Will TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY 009 - Let's Talk YouTube

    • I WILL TEACH YOU TO MAKE MONEY 011- The Art of Online Income

    • The Hustle Zone

    • The Hustle Zone - The Importance of Clarity

    • The Hustle Zone - Monster Detail - Business Model One

    • The Hustle Zone - Go Cycles Session 1A

  • 6

    Physical Products Ramp Up

    • How to sell PHYSICAL PRODUCTS finding Affinity Groups and Audiences

    • What To Sell - Wrong Question

    • Digging Into You Creating a Business You Love

    • Figuring yourself out

    • Opening an Online Store

  • 7

    Wealth Foundation Principles

    • Accelerated Hustling

    • Accelerated Hustling #2